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Who We Are

Our Wellness Philosophy

We provide services that center on the integration of medical science and mindfulness using hypnosis and hypnotherapy that results in comprehensive, holistic solutions for common problems such as weight management, pain management, stress management, confidence, and athletic performance.

Our Treatment Focus

We are highly specialized, using  clinical expertise and service integration that is not available in any other clinical or fitness setting. We create an individualized plan and a solution for everyone by retraining habits, focusing mindset, and changing behaviors that are often self-limiting and create blocks that stop you from achieving your goals.

Our Mission Is Transformation

Our mission :

-to restore healing and functional wellness in every client 

-use holistic integration of clinical and mindful interventions 

-educate the mind

-transform the body

- activate each person's energetic being

-integrate the spirit

- empower confidence and personal growth in each client 

-create profound, life-long changes in personal health and the wholeness of being.

Our Services

Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Prescription


Fitness Evaluation is highly beneficial for anyone who is starting a new exercise program or who has medical conditions that are troublesome.  This service is a complete series of body  and movement testing, followed by development of individualized fitness or athletic performance enhancement program for both able-bodied and disabled persons. 

This service is provided by a boarded, licensed, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and is individualized for each person based on  desired goals, medical considerations, injury history, lifestyle, and personal movement skills.  

Professional Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a scientifically studied approach that is used as a valuable tool for changing mindset, habits, and behaviors. As a component of cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to create more permanent changes.

Hypnosis addresses a variety of personal goals/conditions: 

Stress and Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Weight Management



Pain Management

Sports Performance 

Spiritual Integration 

Current/Past Life Regression

This service is provided by a Clinically-Certified Hypnotherapist.

Individual Pilates and Fitness Instruction


We offer individualized Pilates Instruction for Mat and preparation for Pilates Reformer using the Pilates Wheel. These services are for both able-bodied individuals and for persons with disabilities who can activate their abdominals. Individualized instruction is highly beneficial for anyone who is new to Pilates because you will safely and effectively learn how to active the core in preparation for classes at your favorite Pilates Studio while avoiding injuries that result from no training.

This service is provided by a   boarded, licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who is a Certified Pilates Instructor.

Other Services


Group Hypnosis and Group Meditation

Available for any group in our offices or in your location. Features a presentation on the topic of your choice, included a guided hypnosis or meditation session and opportunities to ask questions about additional services.

Energy Activation, REIKI, and More....

Experience energy activation techniques  and ancient healing methods that work with the Chakra system and the energy body within to develop balance and wellbeing.

Wellness Coaching

Available services to help you maximize your outcomes and accountability with your workout. Can be combined as part of Fitness Evaluation or Wellness Packages. 

INTEGRATE Weight Management System

Features the best of all our services in a package of 8 sessions to maximize your outcomes, along with expert teaching along the way. This is an ideal way to approach weight reduction and body image improvement, knowing support is with you at every step. If you struggle, we have a solution!

Vortex Wellness Workshops

Join us for Vortex Workshops that cover a variety of wellness, spiritual, and metaphysical topics. For a small admission fee you can participate in growth and development courses for the mind, the body, and the spirit.  Check out our calendar of events to learn more!

Our Clinical Director

Dr. L.A. Campbell, DPT, MSCS, CCHt, CPI

-Doctor  of Physical Therapy

-Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist

-Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist

-Certified Pilates Instructor

Dr. Campbell Is a Board-Certified Specialist through the:

-Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC)

-American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)

-International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)

A different approach leads to a different outcome......

The combination of medical science , spiritual energy, and a wellness philosophy leads to change that is unparalleled! My unique clinical training and intuitive empath abilities combined with my passion for holistic healing, enables me to help anyone achieve their desired outcomes.

 Let's go on a journey of healing, personal empowerment, and self-discovery!

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Mind-Body integration for Stress, Weight, and Pain Management, and so much more!

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